Intellectual Property

■Main practice:

  • Infringement litigation for patent, utility model, copyright, trademark, and unfair competition litigation
  • Invalidation trial and action of annulment of the trial decisions of JPO
  • Preparation of expert opinions concerning the validity and infringement of patent, utility model and design rights
  • Preparation of and negotiation for contracts concerning assigning and licensing of patent, utility model, and design rights
  • Other dispute resolution in IP law

■Representative cases:

[1] Patent infringement litigation

  • "Polypropylene manufacturing" case, Osaka Dist. Ct., Dec. 26, 1964 (HANREI JIHO, No.428, 74)
  • "Polyester manufacturing" case, Osaka Dist. Ct., Oct. 24, 1967 (HANREI JIHO, No.521, 24)
  • "Famotidine "case, Tokyo High Ct., April 28, 2004
  • "Solid Golf Ball " case, IP High Ct., January 24, 2012

[2] Copyright litigation

  • "The Gona U Print Typeface" case, Sup. Ct., September 7, 2000(HANREI JIHO, No.1730, 123)
  • "Candy Candy" case, Sup. Ct., October 25, 2001 (HANREI JIHO, No.1767, 115)
  • "Noguchi Room" case, Tokyo Dist. Ct., June 11, 2003 (HANREI JIHO, No.1840, 106)

■ Main practice:

  • Providing advices on general meetings of shareholders
  • Shareholder derivative suits
  • Internal investigation committee / External investigation committee
  • Providing legal opinions / Providing legal advices
  • Drafting and providing advices on business contracts
  • Drafting and review of business contracts
  • Other legal advices on corporate activities and resolution of disputes

■Representative cases:

[1]Shareholder derivative suit

  • "Nomura Securities Shareholder Derivative Suit", Sup. Ct., July 7, 2000 (HANREI JIHO, No.1729, 28)
  • "Daiwa Bank Shareholder Derivative Suit", Osaka Dist. Ct., September 20, 2000 (HANREI JIHO, No.1721, 3)
  • "Japan Airlines Shareholder Derivative Suit", Tokyo Dist. Ct., September 27, 2007 (HANREI JIHO, No.1992, 134)

[2]External investigation committees

  • Olympus Corporation (Directors Liability Investigation Committee)
  • The Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd
  • The Toho Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Taisho Life Insurance Co, Ltd
Medical-related Laws

■ Main practice:

  • Providing general legal advices
  • Malpractice suits (representing medical institutions)
  • Counsel for medical institutions
  • Some of us have served as the chairperson of the council for medical-related cases at Tokyo Tri-Bar Association, the arbitrator of ADR for medical disputes at Tokyo Tri-Bar Association, the member of ethics committee and clinical trial committee in the medical institutions

■ Main practice

  • Corporate reorganization
  • Civil rehabilitation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Some of us have been appointed as corporate reorganization trustees, bankruptcy trustees and supervisors.

■Representative cases related to Corporate reorganization

  • Sanko Line(1986-)
  • Nichibei Artom Co.Ltd(1992-)
  • Oriental Photo Corporation(1995-)
  • Taiheiyou Kanko Kaihatsu(2002.12-)
  • Kokusai Yujo Club(2003.2-), Sup. Ct., November 8, 2005 (MINSHU Vol.59, No.9, 2333)
  • Yorii Country Club(2005-)
  • Oriental Shiraishi(2008.12-)
Environmental Laws

We have extensive experience in environmental lawsuit over a long period of time(representing defendant corporations).

■Representative cases

  • "Minamata Disease"case
  • "Kawasaki Air Pollution" case
  • "Mizushima Air Pollution" case
  • "Southern region of Nagoya"case
  • "Tokyo Air Pollution" case
General Civil
and Business Cases
  • Financial law
  • Tax Litigation
  • Labor Law
  • Other Civil and Business Cases