Kaneko & Iwamatsu was founded at Kanda-Surugadai in 1957 by Hajime Kaneko, former professor of civil procedure at the University of Tokyo, who built the foundation of the civil procedure in Japan, and Saburo Iwamatsu, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan.
Kaneko & Iwamatsu moved to Marunouchi and had expanded its practice in Marunouchi for over forty years.
In 2012, with a view to further development of the firm, Kaneko & Iwamatsu relocated to the current place, Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg.


We concentrate our practice in speciality litigations, including intellectual property litigation, corporate litigation, environmental pollution litigation, and medical malpractice litigation.
Through these cases, we strive to improve fundamental qualities as lawyers, such as accurate grasp of complicated facts in rapidly changing environment and presentation of corresponding key issues involved therein.

Some of us have served as instructors of the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, served as members of several legislative councils such as the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice and the Industrial Property Council, and have working experience at Ministry of Finance, or at leading U.S. law firms.

Each of us works together with the common goal of providing clients with the highest quality legal services.
We will continue to heighten our expertise and provide legal services regarding litigation and other legal disputes in compliance with the needs of each client.